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Shop Like a Parisian – Afternoon Tea

One of my favorite things to do when I go to New York City is afternoon tea. The decadence, the ambiance, beautiful people, yes please! Afternoon tea is all of that and then some. What’s more, you can even order your afternoon tea with champagne! Did someone say Moet and Chandon? But, aside from getting […]

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Caudalie Cleansing Milk for Sensitive Skin

How Milk Cleansing Changed My Entire Skin Care Routine

Skin Care has always been a ongoing battle for me. Combination, super sensitive, acne prone, aging skin.. yep. That sounds like me. I have legit tried everything under the sun to get my skin in check. Retin A tore apart my face. Exfoliating cleansers left my skin red, itchy, and sensitive. Antibiotics just made me […]

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30 Something in the Workplace

One of the great things about turning 30 this month is that I, as well as many of my friends, have already started to establish ourselves and made a buck or two in the workplace. CHA-CHING! And now, we can afford to buy a little better than Express and the Limited. (C’mon, you totally bought […]

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bomber saint laurent

Shop Like a Parisian – Model Off Duty

As much as I love getting all dressed up, decked out, head to toe, I often find myself struggling for every day street wear! So, in my bag today it is all about the Model Off Duty look. What do you think? Should I press buy? From Top Left: Saint Laurent Bomber Jacket, Kenzo T-Shirt, […]

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5 Things Every Girl Should Own by 30

So, have you caught this month’s theme yet? Yep, it’s all about me turning the big 3-0. These are the top five things I believe every girl should own by the time she is 30. 1.  Go-To Party Dress Red Valentino 2. At least one pair of fabulous shoes Saint Laurent 3. Statement Necklace Alexander […]

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From Dolce and Gabbana to Casablanca

I fell in love with this Dolce and Gabbana skirt the minute I saw it. Its tea length skirt felt straight out of the movie, “Casablanca”. I could see myself sitting in the smoky bar with Humphrey Bogart saying “Here’s looking at you, kid”. And as this skirt begs to be danced in, maybe to […]

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Breezy Cool Tones for August

August Babies rejoice! It is our month! That’s right. August is my birthday month! I’m turning the big DIRTY 30 at the end of the month. (Virgo love!) And to kick off the best month of the year, let’s talk about colors that feel like August to me. For me, August is about hot summer […]

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The Importance of an Edited Wardrobe

Not too long ago, a dear friend of mine was getting ready to move and wanted to clean out her closet for a fresh start at her new place. All she did was stare at her closet helplessly before calling me and asking how do you clean out a closet? The solution I told her? […]

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Shop Like a Parisian

Gucci Girl all day! These are currently in my shopping bag… and I’m so tempted to press buy. I mean, my 30th birthday is next month, right? I deserve to treat myself.

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What’s happening? What’s up?

Well hello! I’m back from Europe… insert sad face 🙁 … and ready to rumble! But first, let me tell you what to be expecting in the upcoming weeks here at Parisian Runway! DO YOU TUBE? WE DO! Or, we will! That’s right! Parisian Runway’s very own YouTube channel. Here, you are going to soon […]

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