Bring Back the Fun on the Runway!

As I’m researching for my design class, I stumble upon a recent article in Vogue. The article discusses the fun and theatrical runways of the 1990s. Designers like Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, and John Galliano ruled the fashion world. Why? Because they kept it about the clothes and not about the corporatization of fashion, which has, unfortunately, become the norm.

Westwood played with radical, highly sexualized silhouettes saying, “It;s only a question of adjusting the eyes. It’s only perverse because it is unexpected.”

In the Vogue archives, it says of one of Galliano’s 1993 collections, “he gives you characters in costume, a plot, history, props.”

So, what happened to all of these theatrical extravaganzas? Has the fun become the dollar? Is really all about the corporate gains of fashion?

I say, let’s get back to the clothes and let them speak for themselves.


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