Fig and Olive

The Meatpacking District is known for being host to many of the fashion houses in the United States including Diane von Furstenberg, Jeffrey, and Trina Turk. So, it would come as no surprise that there are also many trendy and fashionable places to eat in the Meatpacking District such as Fig and Olive.

Upon entering Fig and Olive, you are welcomed into a warm and inviting entry and greeted by a friendly hostess. When you enter the main dining room, it’s not the small typical dining experience you’d expect in Manhattan. Contrary, it’s a large room with an enigmatic energy that has the lighting of a warm summer sunset. It’s contemporary design let’s you know that you are where you want to be. Trust me, you will want to have a nice long lunch or after work cocktails here! It’s breathtaking!

I went for lunch and was sat in a comfortable booth. Immediately I was brought water and I ordered a glass of wine. Upon looking at the menu, the prices were not astronomical. They were quite reasonable. I ordered the organic salmon. It came out with crispy skin and cooked to perfection. The presentation was beautiful with a creamy base for the salmon and fresh winter vegetables. It tasted like heaven! The service was impeccable and the staff worked as a team to ensure everyone had an enjoyable experience.

Fig and Olive is also a place to see and be seen. It’s known to be frequented by many designers, models, and other celebrities. So, if you’re looking for a place to sit back, relax, and people watch (which I love to do), Fig and Olive is a good choice located off 9th and 13th. Happy eating, fashion bugs!





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