How To Do Effortless Style Without Even Trying

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but let’s be honest… Effortless is a hot style right now! The natural makeup, the sexy bed hair waves, it’s all “effortless”. For me, this is right up my alley. I’ve never been the girl to spend hours putting myself together. Give me 30 minutes and I’m out the door! But, for all you girls who do spend the time contouring, straightening, curling, adding extensions, putting on lashes, and on and on and on, this is for you. And for all those who just need a refresher, read on. Let’s get to it!

First, denim is a must staple. From the right pair of jeans, to denim dresses, denim shirts, you cannot have too much denim. It’s a staple fabric and works so well for many types of garments.

effortless 1effortless 2

You will also want to invest in a great pair of skinny leather pants. Trust me, these are also becoming a staple. The legging look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and the best way to do it is with leather. It automatically dresses up any outfit.

effortless 6

Next, a plethora of basic knits, shirts, and blouses. Keep to neutral colors: white, black, gray, nude, light pink, and all shades of blue. They’ll never go out of style.

effortless 3effortless 4effortless 5

One of your most important pieces will be a go to day dress. This should be comfortable and loose. I’d also suggest going for a maxi dress. This is what you’ll go for when you’re going out to brunch, a daytime wedding, or for any reason you just want to feel extra girly!

effortless 7

Finally, plenty of slip ons. Slip on shoes are comfortable and practical. Especially if you live in a city and are walking all the time!

effortless 8


To make this style perfect and “effortless”, I also recommend, washing your hair at night and letting it air dry. You can put your hair into two loose buns and sleep in it so that in the morning, you have the bed head hair. For makeup, foundation, mascara, and your favorite shade of lipstick. THAT’S IT! Until next time.


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