How to Wear a Crop Top in 2016

Part deux of “Cut the Crop”.

So, as I said, I wore a crop top four times this week in ways that do not show the skin of the stomach. I actually thought I would have a hard time with this, but actually, I had a great time! Super high waists, layering, and an ode to Christian Dior and his “New Look”. Check it out:



Day one and work ready. I love this tuxedo jacket from Elizabeth and James. I threw it over a black and white crop top I bought last year and skinny black pants. I felt very edgy and cool. Menswear for women? Hell yes.

Crop Top: Elizabeth and James

Tuxedo Jacket: Elizabeth and James

Pants:  Rag and Bone


Another day, I wore the same black and white crop top and complimented it with these super fun super wide leg blood orange pants. I seriously fell in love with this outfit. I love how high waisted these pants are and because they are so wide leg and the fabric is light and airy, I felt like I was wearing nothing from the waist down. Heaven came in the form of these pants.

Pants: Alice and Olivia

Top: Elizabeth and James


Where I’m most comfortable, at home with my sewing machine. So, this outfit’s inspiration came from me binge watching Sex and the City TV shows this week. There was an episode in season 6 where Carrie wore a black crop top with a white button up. I took that idea and went with an oversized striped button up and a blue sweater crop with skinny pants and flats. I buttoned striped shirt all the way to the top. I really feel that being “buttoned up” is going to be something big this season.

Crop Top: Alice and Olivia

Button Up: Rag and Bone

Pants: Rag and Bone


This week was also the 111th birthday of the legendary Christian Dior. To celebrate, I paid him tribute by recreating his “New Look”. I took a Black Crop Top and put on a flared high waisted matching skirt. Very 1940s, 1950s. I felt so ladylike and wanted to twirl the day away. So feminine. And check out the back below!


Sexy, sophisticated, and feminine. Thank you Mr. Dior.

Top and Skirt: Alice and Olivia


I think I kicked this challenge’s butt. What do you think? Would you wear any of these styles?



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