I Think Social Media is Taking Over My Life

Maybe I’m being a little over dramatic, but it hit me last night. Social Media has become a part of me, like my elbow or left boob or something. I don’t want to part from it.

Last night, while my husband was making busy hospital “I’m chief resident” doctor phone calls, I was downloading Twitter… again and I made one specifically and solely for Parisian Runway. When my husband finished his calls, he asked what I was doing and I told him. He casually and repeatedly (the whole night and this morning) joked about all the social media I use. It got me thinking…

Why am I so addicted to these little apps?

Seriously, I plead the fifth on how many hours I actually spend on these apps daily. It’s kind of embarrassing. These apps have become a part of my everyday life. Especially with running a blog! But then I see all my friends and how much they post. They must spend more time on it then I do! What have we come to?

And I love my friends to death, but every time we go out we MUST snap how much fun we’re having, Instagram our outfits and food. and check in where we are on Facebook. It’s insanity! What happened to focusing on each other and not worrying about sharing it with the social media world full of people we don’t even know… like they care.

I will say I’ve recently taken SOME steps to overcoming this social media takeover. I only post for the blog on all my social media outlets. Sorry stalkers, no insight on my personal life except for the occasional spilling of beans here on the blog.

So, how do we detox these toxic apps from our lives? Well, I’m going to limit my Social Media madness to morning, noon, and night for now on. 3 times a day to get my daily ingest of it, like meals. However, I will still be partaking in my daily indulgence of Manrepeller. I’m totally girl-crushing Leandra Medine. Hey girl, hey!




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