It’s Summer’s HOTTEST Trend!!! And I’m Already Over It…

I came THIS CLOSE to almost actually buying one a while ago. I even recommended one in Is It Really Wedding Season Again? . But, you guys, I can’t deal with it anymore. It’s become shoulder pandemonium. The super hot, super crazy trend, off-the-shoulder, needs to start being dug 6 feet under. At least for a little while.

I had an epiphany on Friday when I was at dinner in Midtown Miami with some friends at Apeiro. I got up to use the little girl’s room when, suddenly, I felt stuck in a whirlwind, a tornado, of bare shoulders. I started hyperventilating and the room started spinning. Women’s collar bones were jutting out at me from every direction. I literally fainted. They had to take me away by helicopter and I was airlifted away.

Ok.. maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But, I don’t know how much more shoulder I can take. I’m almost certain everywhere I go, every other woman is wearing an off-the-shoulder top or dress. It’s a cult, with women jumping on the band wagon every 10 seconds.

This girl’s not jumping. But, maybe I can do some reinventing?

If you’re just as tired of the off-the shoulder as I am, read on, my friend, read on. Maybe you bought a few that now you don’t want to wear because you’re afraid you may look just like everyone else… boring. And fashion is NOT about boring. So, let’s brainstorm. How can we modify this trend into something more original.

I have one word for you…. Layering.

  1. Add a button up.

off shoulder 2 off shoulder 4

Put a button up under your off-the-shoulder, and it instantly gives you more dimension. Great for work or for the weekend!

2.  A tight turtle neck or other long sleeve.

off shoulder 3 off shoulder 5

This will work really well with those super feminine ones. The long sleeve and high neckline give the country girl off-the-shoulder a more urban chic vibe.

3. It’s summer, so throw on a Maxi Dress!

off shoulder 1 off shoulder 7

I especially think with a simple denim maxi dress. Yes, it will still be considered “off-the-shoulder”, but it feels refreshed if you ask me.

Summer has only just begun, so before there has been a world domination by way of shoulders, maybe give one of these looks a try?


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