Lessons in Love from Sex and the City

I love the show. You love the show. Hell, even we agree the second movie was pretty good, entertaining at least! And you know why we love Sex and the City? Because it teaches us, women, that we are not totally crazy. Things good are going to happen, and things bad are going to happen, and sometimes Big things will happen. Sex and the City teaches us so much about life and love from the view point of a woman. (Men, seriously, if you want to understand women, watch this TV series).

So, for this love edition on Parisian Runway, I’m going to share with you the love lessons I learned, and am continuing to learn, from SATC!



“When it comes to life and love, why do we believe our worse reviews?”

Think about it, we question if the negatives about us are true while we self-deprecate the compliments. When someone brings up something they perceive as negative about us, why do we automatically assume it’s true?


Lesson 2:

“I couldn’t help but wonder … Can you be friends with an ex?


satc 3


Lesson 3:

“I couldn’t help but wonder: Inside every confident, driven, single woman, is there a delicate, fragile princess just waiting to be saved? Was Charlotte right? Do women just wanna be rescued?

Yes. Just being honest. But there are so many different ways we need rescuing. It just depends on what you are looking for from a relationship.



Lesson 4:

“And by the end of the day, the Nasdaq was down, but our stock was up.”

The best feeling is when you feel completely lifted in your relationship!




Lesson 5:

“Maybe we were all just acting. And tonight, I was playing the part of the girl with the great relationship who’s boyfriend was ‘coming down with a cold’.”

Ah yes. This is when things aren’t going too smoothly at home so, when you’re out and your friends ask where’s the boyfriend, you answer, he “has a cold”. When in reality, you guys are on the rocks and you’re not ready to talk about it. But, your friends will still stand by you and make you laugh!


Lesson 6:

“Like the freckle on my face at the top corner of my mouth, the freckle that he once told me he loved, I couldn’t help but wonder, how could something so small, all of the sudden, become something so Big?”

That pivotal moment in the relationship. Sometimes there are lots of these moments as we go through our ups and downs. We all have our Mr. Big somewhere. The guy that makes even the smallest things feel important and makes you feel important, wanted, needed, and, most importantly, loved.


Lesson 7

“Maybe I was living in a fantasy. But I found a man who could make it a reality.”

YES! #DreamsComeTrue !



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