Modern Form and Fencing – Vera Wang

I’m honored to say, in the last week I worked with the Vera Wang team on creating her visually stunning and emotional Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection. With the inspiration of fencing and the plastron, she took that inspiration, ran with it, and the end result was nothing short of gothic beauty. Even that phrase does not give it enough justice. To put into words the amount of effort, the consideration, and all the layers of details, words are not enough.

Behind the scenes and the week leading up to Tuesday morning’s show, we spent hours upon hours designing, dressing, fitting, and styling hundreds of variations of looks that were eventually reduced down to the 40 looks that walked the show. If you thought all fashion was just glamour and champagne, think again. These individuals who I’ve worked with at Vera Wang and other designers are some of the hardest working, most cut throat and the best people I’ve ever met.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Fashion never sleeps, so neither do we”, it’s incredibly true. But the hours and delirium from lack of sleep paid off Tuesday morning. The show began with floor length half pleated skirts with slits “up-to-there” and the plastron, sometimes on it’s own and sometimes layered with undershirts, belts, and knits. From these heavy fabrics, the show moved to something even heavier, fur. Gorgeous fur vests worn as dresses and over-the-top coats that moved with the light as if it were dancing with it. Finally, the show took a 180. Sheer sequins dresses angelically glided across the runway. See some behind the scenes footage here from WWD as well as the runway show itself just below. I also make an appearance in the background, so be on the lookout!

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