Quick Thoughts: Noise Free Fashion

Conformity. Think about that word for a minute. What kinds of emotions run through you? For myself, it’s repulsion and something I want to deviate from. But, for a long time in fashion, conformity was the norm. Not very long ago, you could conform yourself to the “popular” crowd simply by wearing a popular logo sprawled across your shirt or printed over and over and over on your bag. Conformity led to social status. It was a way to show your wealth or lack thereof. Well… not anymore.

The era of branding and conformity is shutting it’s doors. Today’s Millennials aren’t interested in the “aesthetic of conformity” and prefer to not follow trends but believe they have their own personal style (which is another debate entirely, do we have our own personal style or are we subconsciously buying the styles chosen for us?)

For the fashion industry, the stakes are high. Millennials spend $600 billion annually in the U.S., and that sum is expected to grow to an estimated $1.4 trillion by 2020. So, what is being done about this? Louis Vuitton plans to reduce the visibility of its monogrammed luxury items, Selfridges & Co launched a “No Noise” campaign in 2013, and many other brands are simply not broadcasting their name and logo on its merchandise.

What does this mean as far as styles and trends go? Well, it’s quite an interesting time in fashion, to say the least. It’s a time where almost anything goes. Look at all the variations in street style. Check out what Ready-to-Wear designers are sending down the runway. It’s not all tailored and similar to each other. There’s a specific uniqueness in every designer.

For the consumer, it pushes for creativity to mix and match and try new things. H&M destructed dress with a tweed Chanel jacket? Why not? Just don’t let anyone know who you’re wearing, that’s the catch.




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