The Future of Fashion Week

You know the world of fashion is an ever changing industry. What’s in one day is out the next. The Council of Fashion Designer’s of America (CFDA) has proposed to transform the fashion shows into consumer events and feature in-season collections that are in-store.

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, according to, the ultimate goal of the proposal is to stimulate “full-price selling at a time when fashion apparel sales continue to languish as consumers spend more of their money on restaurants and experiences over clothes.”

CFDA Chairman Diane von Furstenberg and CEO Stephen Kolb say “the system is broken” and there needs to be a change to adapt towards the direction the industry and it’s customers are going. But of course, many of the fashion industry’s top designers and executives are torn over this issue.

Dennis Basso brings up a good point when he said, “everyone has to be aware of the fact that showing their collection to consumers in season, they will have to schedule private appointments in advance to show their [upcoming] collections to the press and their clients. There needs to be enough lead time to manufacture everything.”

Donatella Versace is very much for the proposal saying, “That’s the world today and fashion is about change and evolution. I love the immediacy of life today and how the doors of fashion are opening up so everyone can feel part of a global tribe.”

To be honest, fashion bugs, I’m not completely sure how I feel over this proposal. As an aspiring designer, I have so much respect for the way the shows are done currently. The hush-hush until the catwalk starts and we can see what designers have been doing for the last six months. The glamorous A-listers, editors, writers, bloggers, actors, musicians, models, photographers, etc. make the experience of the fashion show so much more! So many designers are doing live streaming of their shows online as well! And when you are even outside the shows, it’s such an amazing thrill seeing all of the street style and photographs being taken. Or even being asked to have your picture taken! (Yes this happened to me a few times at New York Fashion Week!)

But as a consumer, I would love to have more immediacy on the fashion front. I’ve been dying to get my hands on so many things that I saw at the September Shows and most are still not in stores yet. Also, like Donatella Versace said, fashion has become a GLOBAL tribe. It’s not just for the upper class and A-Listers anymore. There’s a real tangibility on fashion for the everyday person who has a taste for trendsetting.

What do you think? I’d love to know!




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