Toss the Boots

It’s Spring! So, it’s time to toss the boots and show some more skin! So break out your Amex and tell those toxic people in your life to bugger off in these shoes, the only shoes you need for this spring and summer.

Basic white of off white sneakers for your traveling and days you’ll be walking around all day.


Flat basic sandal for your go-to, everyday shoe.

basic sandal

Add some height and reach for the skies in one of the hottest shoes right now, the flatform. Like a platform but lays flat on the ground.


Black flats as a go-to to feel a touch of Audrey Hepburn femininity.

basic flats

Tribal influenced lace up sandals. Because these are just fun!

tribal influence

Wood block sandal. Goes with everything and gives you a couple extra inches. Perfect!

wood block sandal


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