Why it Takes So Long for Women to Get Ready..

I cannot tell you how many complaints I’ve heard about how long it takes for a woman to get ready for a date. So, you know what, I”m going to break it down for you. This is coming from my experience as a woman getting ready for dates. (And yes, even though I’m married, this all still applies, can’t just let it all go once they put a ring on it.)

Guy asks girl out for dinner for Friday night. He better make reservations for 10pm. Why? Well… let’s get started.


It’s friday, and homegirl probably has a job that she stays at until 6.

Nails get done during lunch hour. Obviously.

She probably wants to get in a workout, especially on date night, so she feels extra sexy and tight. So, she gets off work at six, but after sending off her last few emails, checking her voicemail, and saying her goodbye’s, she’s not at the gym until 6:30.

By 7:30, she’s in her her car heading home and by 7:45, she is rushing to take a shower. But there is actually no rushing. Why? Unlike our male counterpart, she has to wash and condition her hair, shave basically her entire body, and exfoliate. 30 minutes minimum (really 45 minutes).

So, now it’s 8:30. Ok, when it’s myself, I comb out my hair, add some leave in conditioner and let it air dry as much as possible before I have to get down to the hair.

Then a girl has to lotion. She just shaved her entire body basically! So, lotion up, girl.

Next, makeup. Now, this is where timing can really be a bitch. I’ve been told many many times that I’m a low key “natural” girl when it comes to makeup. So, for me, this takes no more than 20 minutes. Foundation, bronzer, eye shadow, mascara, blush, and lips. Done. Now, this varies from girl to girl. Makeup can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Let’s base this on myself, which is 20 minutes. So by now, after combing through hair, lotion, and makeup, you’re looking at 9:15.

If I have a date, I typically already have my outfit picked out. So, instead of choosing clothes (because I did my preliminary work), it’s time to tackle the hair.

Hair, again, is dependent on the girl. Like I said, I’m a natural girl, so, I’ll run a blow dryer through it with a round brush to make soft curls and call it a day. Add some volume and hair spray. Bing Bang Boom. Done.  That takes me about 25 minutes.

Throw on the outfit, accessories, and perfume, 5 minutes.

Now, it’s 9:45, and most likely, if you’re me at least, girl and boy will have a drink at the girl’s home before heading out to dinner and being a fashionable 15-20 minutes late. And the restaurant had better be good!

So, the next time you’re wondering why it takes a girl SO LONG to get ready, it’s because she wants to look her best.. for you! So you better come ready with flowers and a “You look stunning” compliment.



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